WP-AH > 3/4" High Mount for 3/8" grooved receiver FREE SHIPPING



Free shipping due to oversupply.

  • WP-AH saddle holds the scope 1/8" higher than our WP-A low mounts.

  • 3/4" dia. Ring set for 3/8" grooved 22 rifle receivers. 

  • Ideal for rifles where scope can hit the rear sight when using WP-A low mts.  Also ideal where bolt clearance is a problem. 

  • Recommended for high dome 3/8" receivers like on Chiappa LA322

  • Best overall choice for American 3/8" dovetailed grooved receivers. 

  • Will not fit 11mm FLAT TOP grooved rifles such as the CZ455.

  • WP-AH rings are included as default standard with our  Scope and Ring combos.  

  • Box of 2 rings.

  • Free Shipping.