3/4" Compact FoxPup 4X-24 scope _____ scaled down for youth model 22's

Grubee Inc


FoxPup is a scaled down high end scope made for youth size 22 rifles such as the beautiful little Keystone Chipmunk and Cricket rifles made with 11 inch trigger pull.  Up until now, no scaled down 3/4" tube high quality scope was available for them. 

 A big 1" scope on a youth model .22 is like an elephant sitting on a mouse.  

The new little FoxPup is a scaled down 3/4" tube 8-1/4" long 4X-24 scope especially made for young shooters firing youth model 22's. 

NOTE:  FoxPups are Not made for adults! 

Adults need a 4" eye relief WolfPup that works great a 14" trigger pull rifle.

FoxPup has a 1 inch shorter tube length than our WolfPup and also has a 2.7" eye relief for the 10 to 11" trigger pull found on youth scaled downsize 22 rifles.   

Our WolfPup scope has a 4" eye relief versus the FoxPup with a 2.7" eye relief,   

NOTE:  If a WolfPup is installed on a 11" trigger pull rifle it requires 8 to 12 year old young shooters to hold their head so far back they cannot shoot accurately.    However a 2.7" eye relief on a FoxPup along with a 1" shorter tube length works just fine for a no recoil youth 22.   

When teaching youngsters to shoot it’s much easier to tell them to just put the dot in the center of the scope picture on what you want to hit.    

To hit a rolling can or a running bunny or an elusive squirrel a youngster needs to learn the correct lead, squeeze and shoot tactics.    Trying to teach young shooters in the initial beginning stage all about first plane focal, mill dot calculations, holdover and wing drift with ballistics is far too demanding for young shooter's minds.   Fun with Plinking ability comes first! 

Duplex Dot reticle for teaching youngsters to shoot is much better than a 4 bar crosshair Duplex or Post reticle. 

Therefore, FoxPup Compact scopes are only made with a Duplex Dot reticle.   So please don't call us and ask us to change it to something different.

We include WP-AB low rings pre-installed and factory positioned to fit the Keystone's Chipmunk and Cricket 22's.