HD AXLE 26" rim wheel for single speed 115 to135mm frame drop out

These beautiful HD AXLE wheels are now in stock   

Check out all the HD AXLE  wheel features over at the www.grubeeinc.com Information side. 

    Why buy 2 cast aluminum spoke wheels when one HD Axle wheel matches most Vee Frame bike's front wheel and can do so much more 

    Keeps the original look of vintage bikes. 

    • HD AXLE 26" WHEEL with 12ga. spokes;   
    • Fits SINGLE SPEED 135mm drop out frames.
    • HD AXLE has dual row 5200 ball bearings. see pic.


    •  2 wheel models to choose from.  This add is for a single speed 135mm drop out wheel.  The adjoining add is for 150mm multi-speed drop outs. 
    •   If you are good at spoke lacing you can adjust either wheel to about any standard size drop outs. > ie: 110mm to 155mm.  

    Here's what you get. 

    #1.   A double wall alum. rim with 36 spokes laced to our World famous HD axle.    Rim has spoke eyelets found only in expensive wheels. 

    #2.  For Safety and Longevity enhancements HD axles have (2) double row ball bearings, that means a total of 4 rows of bearings. 

    #3.  Left end of the HD Axle has metric 35-1 CW and 36-1 CCW left hand threads.   

    #4.  36-1CCW ( left hand threads)  is for the included 6 hole steel flanged hub for engine chain drive sprocket attachment .    ( 36 to 56T sprockets are available )

    #5.    35-1 threads is included for the hub to use disc brake rotors.   

    #6.  Eliminates the old way of clamping a sprocket to spokes and gives true sprocket alinement to the engine drive chain. 

    #7.   Right side of HD axle has 1.375-24 threads for standard pedal sprockets.

    #8.  #8.   36T to 56 T sprockets available by separate order. 

    #9.  Packed securely in a 7 ply cardboard box. 

    #10.   Ask questions before ordering,  Take your time and review all the pictures herein and the information given at www.grubeeinc.com info. side.