HD AXLE 26" rim wheel for Multi-Speed 150mm frame drop.

HD AXLE 26" WHEEL made for Multi-Speed Cluster.

This 26" HD AXLE wheel is made with 12 ga. spokes  for 150mm wide multi-speed bike frame drop outs.   

Multi-Speed wheel is Not suitable for a single speed bike frames.  See  single speed wheel add.

This wheel can be used with all 2 stroke mid-frame bike engines such as our SkyHawk Gt5A-Es as well as with 4 stroke engines as long as the engine's transmission has a freewheel included such as found in our 4G and 5G belt drive transmissions. 

( Order extra cost 6 hole Chain sprocket separately. 

We have 6 hole , 36T to 56T sprockets available. 

NOTE:  This wheel is the same as the single speed  wheel except the rim is spaced more inward to be in the center of a 150mm to 155mm drop out.  

HD Axle Wheels can accommodate both Disc Brake Rotor attachment to a screw on steel hub and can also use a Caliper Vee-Brake application on the CNC cut rim.    2 ways! 

HD axle wheels come standard with a steel 6 Hole CCW 36-1 screw on chain sprocket hub and spacer.   

NOTE:  CCW threads on the sprocket hub are required so the sprocket hub does not unscrew when under engine power.       

Commencing on July 15th 2021 we are now including set screws on the 6 Hole CCW threaded sprocket hub to ensure the hub does not unscrew when the clutch lever is released for starting a 2 stroke engine.   Some folks did not understand the necessity to use Loctite 271 thread lock and use the jam lock ring to securely lock the hub in place on the axle.   Therefore, so we are now adding the set screws for double securement.     Use a 2.5mm Allen wrench to tighten the (3) M5 set screws down after final alignment. 

Read closely and review all the pictures.

Why buy 2 cast aluminum wheels when one HD Axle wheel matches most front spoke wheels and can do so much more Thus keeping the original look of vintage bikes. 

  • HD AXLE 26" WHEEL with 12ga. spokes;   


  • Fits SINGLE SPEED standard 110 to 135mm drop out frames.

  • HD AXLE has 2 double row 5200 ball bearings. see pic. 

  • Our HD axle wheels come standard with a 6 hole solid steel 36-1 CCW screw on hub and spacer that use our exclusive 6 hole chain sprockets.  ( Sprockets not included due to so many different size diameters, order at extra cost, choose 36T to 56T )   

  • NOTE: This is the exact same HD AXLE wheel as the one for 150mm drop out multi-speed application except the rim is centered for 110 to 135 drop out frames.   Both wheels can be spoke adjusted to fit in each other's place.


 2 wheel rim positions to choose from.  This add is for a multi- speed bike with a 150mm drop out.  

    • This multi-speed wheel add has same features as single speed except the rim is spaced out to center in a 150mm multi-speed drop out space. 

    •  HD Axle Wheels avoid the troublesome and undesirable method of clamping 9 hole sprocket to weak 14 ga. standard bicycle wheel spokes. 

    • The 220mm long axle shaft allows custom fitting.  Cut off excess length with hacksaw or angle grinder. 

    Here's what you get. 

    #1.   A premium double wall alum. wheel rim with 36 spokes laced to our World famous "HD Axle".    This Rim has spoke eyelets found only in expensive wheels. 

    #2.  For Safety and Longevity HD Axles have (2) double row sealed ball bearings, and that means a total of 4 rows of ball bearings for long life.

    #3.  The left end of the HD Axle has metric 35-1 CW right hand threads for disc brake hub and 36-1 CCW left hand threads for drive chain sprocket 6 hole steel hub, included.   

    #4.  A selection of 36T to 56T chain sprockets can attach to an included 6 hole steel flanged hub that has 36-1CCW left hand threads.

      6 hole 36T to 56T sprockets are available, order separately. 

    #5.    35-1 right hand threads on the HD axle left side are for the steel 6 hole hub used to attach disc brake rotors with M5 screws. 

    ( A Disc Brake Rotor threaded steel Hub is included. )

     If a disc brake is not wanted you can use Vee caliper brakes as the wheel rim outboard edge has a CNC cut band designed for a vee-caliper brakes.   

    Note:  Coaster brake bikes will need to be field modified to have a rear brake system such as a disc brake, a drum brake or a vee-caliper brake.

    #6.  HD AXLE Eliminates the old way of clamping a 9 hole sprocket to spokes thus giving true professionally done chain alinement.  

    #7.   Right side of HD AXLE has 1.375-24 threads for standard people pedal sprockets.

    #8.   6 hole 36T to 56 T sprockets are available by separate order.   


    • Left side Drive Chain Sprocket, 

    • Right side single speed 1.375-24 freewheel sprocket 

    • Pedal sprocket nor a multi-speed Freewheel cluster 

    • Disc Brake rotor and caliper. 

      #9.  HD AXLE wheels are packed securely in heavy cardboard boxes. 

      #10.   Ask questions before ordering,  Take your time and review all the pictures herein and the information given at www.grubeeinc.com info. side.

      #11.   Order a drive wheel sprocket and we can include it in with the wheel at no extra shipping cost.