Centerfire, > High Powered -------------Hunting e-Bike

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DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BUY HERE-IN:    Available only on sight at our store or dropped shipped from the China factory. 

Say Howdy!  Now you can Roll up on'em instead of Walking up on'em.   

Gru-Bee is an factory authorized representative for CenterFire, off road e-Bike. 

CenterFire made in Changzhou China by ZhongChun. 

Come test ride, discuss options and pricing quotes then we take your finalized order and drop shipped direct to your door CIF.   

We invite all interested parties to stop by our store in Durant OK and take a test ride. 

Send your email with phone # for a will call chat. 

  • The CenterFire opens up new territory for Hunters and Fishermen.   

  •  Look it's CenterFire!  An whisper quiet e-Bike able to leap ditches in a single bound, and powerful enough to climb steep hills with wheel spin to spare. 

  • CenterFire can be ordered with a built in longitudinal gun rack that provides secure mounting for quick shooting access.

  • There are 2 models that enables you to custom build from a long list of options.        

  • ( Detailed Option list provide to interested parties to include but not limited to:  Pedal belt drive assist, PAS, Different wheel and Tire sizes, Disc Brakes, AH Battery choices, No Pedals, Front fork choices, Suspension choices, Seats, Gun rack, Camo. )   

  • #1. CenterFire Smokeless is 72V / 8000 Watts of hub motor power.   Samsung or extra cost Panasonic Panasonic Lithium ion battery.    Basic Prices start at $3500 plus shipping from China and US customs clearance. 90 day lead time.

  • #2. CenterFire Black Powder  60V / 3000 Watts of hub motor power.  Samsung or extra cost Panasonic Lithium ion battery.    Basic Prices start at $2500 plus shipping from China and US customs clearance.  90 day lead time

  • BASIC Prices stated here-in are subject to change without notice. 

  • $2500 hypothetical price listed herein is due to showing out of stock if no price and quantity is listed.