10G Multi-Speed Shift Kit and 1B-4G Transmission

Grubee Inc


10G Multi Speed kit and 4G-1B 8-hole Transmission:   

Fits the HuaSheng Hi Rev 53cc 4 stroke engines described and listed under different heading.  

Best used with a Multi-Speed Hub Axle

Shift your motorized bike like a motorcycle!  Can even shift while stationary if a Multi Speed Hub rear axle is used.   

10G was designed for a built-in tank S curve frame pedestal mount to enable having a 3-point lock securement.  However, a standard cruiser S frame will work if modified for 3-point attach.

BEWARE:  10G cannot be used on a Straight Downtube Frame Bike due to inadequate clearance for the jackshaft at the backside of the engine: 

Do you want to see how fast a little 53cc HuaSheng non-governed engine can take you on flat land?    If so, our 10G multi- speed kit is a way to do it.  Just don't take the engine past 6800 rpm and use common sense.   Some experimentation of drive sprockets may be required to get the most Max speed. 

10G is designed to custom fit built-in-gas-tank bike frames with a pedestal mount on the downtube.  However, the cheap made frames presently being sold out of California need to have reinforcement gussets Tig welled on the pedestal to enhance long life.   

10G kit allows using bicycle's multi speed gearing to shift the engine's power curve.  ie:  3 or 5 speed e-bike hub axles work great, but you can also use a multi-speed derailer system.   

  • BEST:  Use a Multi Speed heavy duty Sturmey Archer or Shimano Multi Speed Hub axle and shift gears like a motorcycle even while setting at a stop light.    

  • So-So-GOOD:  Use a 6 or 7 speed Shimano derailer system and get the cheapest set up but can only shift gears when bike is rolling or when holding rear wheel off the ground while shifting.  

A standard bicycle which only allows for a 2-point attach engine bracket is not recommended.  A 3-pt. lock is best like when using the built-in tank frame. 

Mechanical aptitude and tools are needed, Engineering degree not required, but helpful.

  • Look closely at the pictures and Bill 0f Materials to see what you get.  2 major component categories

  • 1. INCLUDES:  1BSM-1  4G-1B 8-hole transmission is included: 8mt holes to allow mounting down bubble 10 degrees.  $150.00  

  • 2. INCLUDES:  Multi-Speed double universal joint jackshaft shift kit.    $230.00  

  • 1BMS-2 > Slide adjust engine mounting bracket

  • 1BMS-3 > Chain Idler assembly 

  • 1BMS-4 > 9T & 10 T drive sprockets 

  • 1BMS-5 > Jackshaft pillar block   

  • 1BMS-6 > Double U joint jack shaft

  • 1BMS-7 > Bottom end sprocket kit

  •  NOTE: We do not include the following items due to not having a box big enough to ship everything.

  • No 4 cycle HuaSheng engine;  

  • No Built-in-tank Bike Frame,  

  • No bicycle components.  

The Beautiful Blue Multi-Speed bike built by Dave Harber in TN is shown for illustration purpose only:  

The black Cadillac Bike is our 10G Shop Demo.  

     This 10G Kit has been Up Graded: 

    Our current 10G Multi-Speed KIT now has a larger Double Universal Joint with needle bearings versus a smaller one of less durability as was found in initial early production.  

    This 2017 new DUJ is Definitely a remarkable heavy-duty improvement and of course higher priced.   

    Shipped to USA lower 48 States and Alaska via UPS 

    1. Shipping to Hawaii, Canada and Alaska will cost more.  Contact us before you buy.