4G 1A Transmission only: Fits Huasheng 49 & 53cc CC engines.

Grubee Inc


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4G > 1A   Our most popular T Belt Drive 4 stroke HuaSheng engine transmission.   

Uses belt M5-510 or M5-505

Fits HuaSheng 49cc 142F and 53cc 144F engines with tapered shaft and built-in Centrifugal Clutch.  

Does not fit 5/8" straight shaft engines.  

Be sure you have the right engine before ordering.   If you have no correct engine you can add in our HuaSheng 53cc engine along with your transmission order.    We do not sell our HS 53cc engines to customers who do not have our 4G transmission. 

T Belts run much more quieter than a chain drive. 

Latest Peak-a-Boo cover design:  See the wheel turn!  

 Engine and bicycle are not included:

  • Model 1A is more compact for better appearance with an improved belt cover design:  

  • Best choice for single speed applications;  

  • Transmission Pulley Ratio: 20T x 80T = 1 to 4 ratio

  • 9T and 10T slide drive sprockets included for customer choice.. 

  • Final drive ratio depends on what drive sprocket and wheel sprocket is used.

  • Final drive ratio ie: 20/80T = 4     9T/48T = 5.3    final R = 4 x 5.3 = 21.2

  • Final drive ratio ie: 20/80T = 4   10T/48T = 4.8    final R = 4 x 4.8 = 19.2

  • Final drive ratio ie: 20/80T = 4     9T/56T = 6.2    final R = 4 x 6.2 = 24.8

  • The lower the ratio (19.2)  the faster you can go

  • The higher the ratio (24.8) the more torque for heavy set riders or for steep hills.

  • Cam lock tension system for belt adjustment means no belt idler is needed.

  • Peek-a-boo nylon/fiber glass belt cover guard.  

  • CC latch bell is supported on 2 sealed ball bearings, No bronze bushings: 

  • 80T Driven pulley also has 2 sealed ball bearings and a freewheel for easy pedaling engine off.. 

  • Built to last!    

  • Should you want to buy a ready made 4 STROKE ENGINE bike made by a professional company we recommend the CHEATA BIKE COMPANY based out of Milwaukee Wi.      www.cheata bikes.com See attached pictures of their masterpieces.