3/8" dovetail base for Winchester Expert bolt action 22. rifle

GruBee Inc


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Coming Soon!!!!!; 

3/8" dovetail groove 6" long 4 hole base.

4 torx hd. 6-48 screws hold the aluminum base on Winchester's new .22 rimfire bolt action rifle called the "Expert" made in Turkey.  

A long 3/8" dovetail base allows adjusting your scope position for better eye relief.  Something Winchester forgot about when they just drilled and tapped 4 holes to fit a pair of 7/8" Weaver #15 - bases.  

We expect availability mid-summer 2023.    We are in design and manufacturing process now.   

As soon as our shipment is ready, we will accept back orders to assure delivery before stock runs out.   

Dealers and Distributor inquires welcome. 

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