Baby Redfield Replacement > WP-4A 3/4" WolfPup 4X WIDE Duplex Scope



Read about Gru-Bee Wolf Pup and Fox Pup scopes in the 2024 issue of RIMFIRE magazine.

  • WP-4A >  WolfPup 4X-24 - WIDE DUPLEX Reticle.   

    • 4-inch eye relief  

    • 50 yd. parallax   

    • 9 1/4" long   5.8 oz. wt.                   

     Perfect Replacement for the famous 4X baby Redfield made long ago in Denver CO.    Made Famous when Browning issued it with their SA 22 semi auto 22.  

  • WolfPup 4X-24 WIDE Duplex Reticle scope with mounting rings and lens cover.  

    This is an Adult scope with 4" eye relief suitable for 14" to 13-1/2" trigger pull.  Not for youth rifles with short trigger pulls for which our FoxPup scope is better suited.  

  • P/n WP-4A Scope > includes WP-AH 3/8" dovetail high rings. 

  • To substitute rings leave us a note at check out. 

  • Replaces the famous baby Redfield Westerner made long ago in Denver CO.

  • 3/4" tube small scope for 22 rifles.   Nitrogen Gas filled:

  • 8 Fully Multi Coated Lens;    ( Green tint coating, not the cheap blue tint )

  • 1/4" MOA clicks at 50 yds.  Yes you can hear auditable clicks!

  • Original Baby Red only had a smooth turn adjustment, No Clicks.

  • 4-inch eye relief / 45 yd. parallax  

  • 9 1/4" long   5.8 oz. wt.

  • Bright high luster black finish like the original baby Redfield Westerner.

  • Comes complete with 3/8" dove tail mounts WP-AH for 22 rifle grooved receivers. 

    • If you have a Browning SA 22 semi-auto rifle you will want to delete WP-AH high rings and substitute WP-AB low rings at check out.    

    • To see all ring descriptions, look at our individual ring adds. 

  • Includes Lens covers  

  • We advertise in Firearms News. 

  • Satisfaction guaranteed.   

    FREE USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING in United States only,    

  • US DEPT OF COMMERECE prohibits the Shipping of Riflescopes to Canada.  


    We warmly welcome and appreciate customer feedback.   Let us know what you're thinking. 

    Logic to consider if you want a shootable scope to use.   However, if you want a non-shooter show case antique, then yes, buying an old Baby Redfield may have merit.     

    Prices of used Baby Redfield 4X scopes have gone from $250 10 years ago on eBay for one in like new condition down to $150 today as was sold at the Wannemacher Gun Show in Tulsa last April 2023., Therefore, if you are knowledgeable in scope use, I fail to see REDFIELD value maintained.    Yes, we bought many to determine how to make one better. 

    1.   Every scope has a clock in it.   

    2.   Over time all will eventually lose gas fill, and interior components contaminated,  ie: O-rings and springs, reticle and glass degradation. 

    3.   The last Redfield scope was made in 1998.     

    4.   If you were to buy a Baby Redfield from eBay that was the last one made your scope would be 25 years old at minimum or perhaps 50 years old at maximum age. 

    5.  Used Redfield scopes carry no warranty.    You get what you get.   Ours have Limited lifetime  warranty.  my lifetime, not the scopes! 

    6.  Many people have told us they bought a used Redfield and had to have it repaired by a scope rebuilder.    

    7.   Iron Sight Co. in Tulsa is a major scope rebuilder if it turns out you need their service.  ph. 918 306 0514     Mike Sexton owner. 

    8.  Baby Redfield scopes have no E & W MOA click adjustments, but GruBee WolfPup and FoxPups do have. 

    9.  Redfield scopes have limited reticle choices and mounting rings choices.  We have AO/FF 4X scopes, Standard 4X , 4 ring choices and 5 reticle choices. 

    10.  The US Gov has been our biggest problem.   We wanted to assemble, test and package our scopes here in Durant OK but Uncle Sam desires to place a 25% duty on components. No Common sense in DC!!!!    Duty should be place on complete finished products and allow USA assembly with duty free components as a concession to Make America Great Again.    Ask your Congressman and Senator to eliminate component parts duty for established OEM's and increase duty on finished end use products from Riceland.    MAGA!!!!