Bicycle Longitudinal Gun Rack

Grubee Inc


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 Straight-a-Way Bicycle Gun Rack;   

Does away with mounting a rifle or shotgun horizontal on top of your handlebar thus preventing getting your gun hit when riding between 2 trees......    

Enjoy the Wyatt Earp quick draw access from a longitudinal holder to your shoulder's shooting position.  

If you can ride your bike through the trees and bushes so will your gun!

  • Hunters, now you can Roll up on'em instead of walk'en up on'em!.  

Your Firearm is better protected when securely mounted between the bike rider's arms.   

Your Firearm is held in V grip rubber holders secured with over the top locking straps.       

Quickly Pick up your rifle for instant use straight away!

A straight-away gun rack allows you to go between 2 trees without banging up your gun.  

Works on most mountain bikes with a top tube sloped 20 to 30 degrees downward like shown in attached pictures.    

MEASURE YOUR BIKE'S TOP TUBE BEFORE ORDERING.  Can fit on top tubes from 25mm / 1" to 37mm 1-1/2" diameters.       

  • Bikers on the Hunt will love a "Straight-Away Gun Rack"   

 Guns and bicycle shown are of course not included.

Happy Trails