Coyote / BobCat Box Trap

Grubee Inc


  • Local Pick up only: Cannot ship. 

  • Foldable Box Trap for Coyotes, BobCats, Wild Dogs, Fox, Beaver, Javelina, Ground Hogs and extra-large Raccoons,  

  • Made extra heavy duty for a lifetime of use!

  • Suitable for homeowner's use as well as for professional Critter Getter's applications.

  • Erected size:  48" x 25" x 17"  Wt. 55 lbs.  

  • Simple 5 minute set up with instructions included.

  • Light Brown powder coat finish blends in well with fall / winter foliage.

  • Light Brown powder coat can serve as a base color for additional camo spray can painting.

  • Folded size:  70" x 61" x 4"   Packed in banded heavy cardboard box.

  • Extra Heavy-duty construction.   8ga. steel wire mesh, 6mm dia. steel rod framework, Two 10mm dia. steel folding U rods.

  • 3 point lock trap door, compare:  This is the only trap on the market we know of to have this feature. 

  • Big animals can tear up a cheaply made trap and escape, but this trap will have them waiting for you.  

  • Designed in USA and made in our contract factory in China with our boots on the ground supervision.

  • Dual handles on top for easy 2 man carry. 

  • Trigger pan pressure is adjustable to eliminate catching small undesired animals. ie: skunks!  

  • Rear sliding and lockable rear end wall door to set free unwanted animals.

  • Built to last a lifetime.

  • Foldable and comes in a cardboard box 70" Long x 61"Wide x 3 " high with set up instructions included.

  • Must be picked up individually at our warehouse in Durant, OK. or shipped min. 25 traps on a steel framed skid pallet via Commercial Truck Freight.

  • Local Pick only;  Too big to ship one at a time via UPS.   

  • Commercial Truck freight is reasonable for 25 traps shipped on a skid pallet to a wholesale account.

  • Trappers, Ranchers, Farmers and Home Owners here's you chance to buy one now for a lifetime of dependable use!   Supplies are limited.