SkyHawk GT2A Built-in gas tank bike frame

Grubee Inc


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The original Skyhawk Gt2A 26" aluminum frame with built in gas tank and pedestal mount for 2 stroke engines or with 4 stroke 1BMS multi speed.   . The cat's meow for the Pro-Shop builder!   Available in 2 different frame drop out widths. 

  • p/n Gt2A-155 having a 155mm drop out for 6 speed derailer multi speed or #2 HD axle kit applications with disc brake. 
  • p/n Gt2A-135 having a 135mm drop out for single speed or 3 speed hub...  Disc brake compatible.   Made heavy duty not like the look alike fake copies. 
  • Disclaimer:  Engines shown in pics are for illustration purpose only and are not include unless ordered separately. 
  • GruBee Durant OK is temporarily out of stock on frames at this time.  
  • Expect new frame shipment by mid summer 2019
  • Got deep pockets?   Order 200 frames from us shipped direct from the China Frame factory for only $60.00 each plus freight.   rubber block, decals and PC paint is extra ,.  Write for quotation: