Gt2A-S 26" Alum Frame

Grubee Inc


Sorry, this item is out of stock

Not a GruBee warehouse stocking item: 

By China factory direct:   200 Min. order quantity.  

This is an Original GruBee designed frame.   Not a copy frame.  

Straight down tube;   Favored by those who want  2 stroke engines attached direct to the 40mm dia. down tube.   Some say looks more cool.   

Easily allows GruBee 4G single speed 4 stroke HuaSheng engine application

Warning:  Not for GruBee 10G 4 stroke HuaSheng engine multi speed application!

Can be ordered with or without head tube bearings.    

Can be ordered with 135 or 150 mm drop out.  

Can be ordered with big or small bottom bracket hole.  

Can be ordered with V caliper brake set up or with Disc Brake set up. 

Designed with wide front rear drop out to allow plenty of engine chain clearance. 

Comes with a black plastic gas cap ventilated and lanyard secured.

Write for details if you have deep pockets and want to buy direct.    More details go to Info. right side click.