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WP-A and WP-AB rings are suitable for Browing SA 22 semi-auto rifles that use the Redfield barrel mount cantilever 3/8" dovetail base, p/n 614009 or the 3/8" dovetailed grooved receivers found on Belgium made SA's. 

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  • WP-A low mounts work good on Browning SA, Win. 61,  Marlin 60 and Remington Nylon 66's and most all rifles with 3/8" low profile dove tail receivers.  However, WP-A Rings will not fit high dome receivers like found on the "Ruger American" bolt action and Chiappa LA rimfire rifles.  WP-AH or WP-AB rings with improved saddle curves seem to work OK on 3/8" dovetail high dome RUGER AMERICAN receivers as well as most 3/8" dovetail flat crowns.  

  • NOTE:  3/8" WP-A, WP-AB and WP-AH rings will not fit 11mm European flat top grooves like found on CZ 22 455 / 457 bolt action rifles and European made air guns.  For CZ rifles use WP-CZ rings. 

  • WP-A rings do not fit high dome 3/8" receivers like on Italian made Chiappa lever action LA322 22s and Ruger American bolt action series. 

  • For high dome 3/8" grooves and bolt action rifles with 3/8" grooves use WP-AH rings.

  • For Browning SA 22 use WP-AB low rings which is my favorite choice for almost any 3/8" groove that does not have a rear sight interference or bolt action clearance problem.    

  • Use WP-B ring set for 7/8" Weaver / Picatinny rail base like found on late model Ruger 10/22's and some late model Savage rifles with picatinny rails. 

  • Use WP-CZ rings on 11mm flat top dovetail grooved receivers or rails like found on CZ 455 rifles.

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