4G - 1B Transmission and INSTALLATION KIT for 49/53cc Huasheng engine

Grubee Inc


T Belt drive runs much more quieter than a chain drive!

4G Model 1B T-Belt Drive Transmission with installation parts kit;    Engine not included:

Everything you need except the engine and bicycle to make a motorized bike.    Engine sold separately:  Customer provides their own donor bicycle. 

If you want to use of your bicycle gearing for multi speed see our 10G 1BMS kit.

  • 20T drive pulley 100T driven pulley with 9T and 10T slide drive sprockets included.    Use 5M-575 belt

    Fits Huasheng 4 stroke 49cc/53cc engines with built in centrifugal clutch.

  • 4G 1B Transmission is used on a Huasheng 49cc or 53cc engine with built-in 3 shoe centrifugal clutch.  Engine is sold separately: 

  • Will not work on a straight shaft engine, ie: Honda GHX 50 

  • Must use this transmission with our 10G 1BMS multi-speed shift kit.

  • Starting 2017 all 1B transmissions have 8 mounting holes to enable using 10G 1BMS Multispeed right side drive for a 10 degree downward mount..

  • This kit comes with a clamp to spokes rear sprocket but we high recommend you use a HD axle #2 to enhance reliability and safety.

List of parts included with a 4G 1B kit.

    • Model 1B 20Tx100T T-Belt Transmission  with 9T and 10T drive sprockets;   ( 8 engine mounting holes: )

    • Adjustable engine bracket.  2 cast iron ends with steel top plate.

    • Handlebar twist grip throttle with kill switch

    • 2.5L gas tank plated inside to prevent rusting

    • Brass shut off valve for gas tank

    • Clamp to spokes 48T bike wheel chain sprocket with installation kit;

    • Belt adjustment spanner wrench

    • Complete Wide Pedal kit with conversion kit for big and small  hole.

    • Ball bearing chain idler

    • Instruction manual

    Bicycle and engine shown for illustration only and are NOT included with this kit.  Order HuaSheng engine separately.