4G model 1B KIT fits HuaSheng 49/53cc . 4 stroke engine

Grubee Inc


4G Model 1B T-Belt Transmission with bicycle installation parts kit; 

Everything you need except the engine and bicycle to make a motorized single speed bike.    If you want Multi-Speed using of your bicycle gearing see our 10G 1BMS kit.

  • 20T drive pulley 100T driven pulley with 9T and 10T slide drive sprockets included.
  • 4G 1B Transmission is used on a Huasheng 49cc or 53cc engine with built-in centrifugal clutch.  Engine is sold separately: 
  • Will not work on a straight shaft engine, ie: Honda GHX 50 
  • Must use this transmission with our 1BMS multi speed shift kit.

List of parts included wit this 4G 1B kit.

  1. Model 1B 20Tx100T T-Belt Transmission  with 9T and 10T drive sprockets;
  2. See transmission ratio and final drive ratio specs under 1B transmission only.
  3. To use our 1BMS multi speed shift kit you must this 1B transmission.
  4. If need be you can order this 1B transmission separately in service parts.
  5. Adjustable engine bracket.  2 cast iron ends with steel top plate.
  6. Drive Sprocket Note:  Use 10T for speed and 9T for hill country.
  7. Handlebar twist grip throttle with kill switch
  8. 2.5L gas tank plated inside to prevent rusting
  9. Brass shut off valve for gas tank
  10. Clamp to spokes 48T bike wheel chain sprocket with installation kit;
  11. Clamp to spokes sprocket is cheap way to go,  recommended way is use a heavy duty axle kit. 
  12. Belt adjustment spanner wrench
  13. Complete Wide Pedal kit. 
  14. Ball bearing chain idler
  15. Instruction manual
  16. Bicycle and engine shown for illustration only and are NOT included with this kit.  Order engine separately.  
  17. JIMCO in Raymore MO is an authorized HUASHENG DEALER AND ALSO CARRIES SERVICE Parts. PH. 816 331 4738