Compact FoxPup 4X-24 scope _____ scaled down for youth model 22's

Grubee Inc


Finally a scaled down scope for youth model 22 rifles such as the beautiful little Chipmunks and Crickets made by Keystone.   

Up until now no scaled down high quality scopes were available to fit them.    A big 1" scope on a youth model 22 is like a elephant sitting on a mouse.  

The new little FoxPup is a scaled down 3/4" tube 8-1/4" long scope to fit youth model 22's.  

It has a 1 inch shorter tube length than our standard WolfPup and also has a 2.5" eye relief for the 10 to 11" trigger pull found on youth 22 rifles.   

A 4" eye relief requires young shooters to hold their head so far back they cannot shoot accurately but a 2.5" eye relief works just fine for a no recoil 22.   

Currently we only offer the FOX PUP with a WP-1 Duplex Dot Reticle. 

We include WP-AB low rings pre-installed and positioned to fit the Keystone's Chipmunk and Cricket 22's.