GT2A 2" tire SkyHawk Built-In Tank Alum. Frame. NEW for 2021

Grubee Inc


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This is our New Style SkyHawk GT2A built-in 3.5L big gas tank frame with extra gusset reinforcements.   Now the strongest on the market.  New shipment due Q2 2021.

  • Made of .2 thicker 6061-6T Aluminum tubing than past model frames.  

  • 135mm wide drop out for single speed application and standard 26" size bicycle tires from 1.95" to 2.25" width.

  • For 4" wide fat boy tires check out the GT4A frame. 

  • A new design universal rear frame bracket can accommodate either the Monster 255 dia. Disk Brake Rotor or can use a standard 160 dia. disk brake rotor. 

  • We've applied Extra frame gussets at engine pedestal mount as well as at tank to seat post and downtube to seat post.     

  • Painted bright RED with flaming SkyHawk tank decals. 

  • We 100% guarantee no tank leaks with our new Gt3A frames.  

  • 1-1/8" head set tube ID. 

  • Choice of 150mm and 135mm drop outs.  

  • Small bottom hole for 3 piece pedal crank.    

  • 32mm OD seat post   

  • 38mm OD down tube. 

  • Reinforced Pedestal with mounting plate to accommodate M8 studs.

  • Comes with black plastic tank fill cap and Rubber Isolation Block for 2 stroke. 

Strangely; we've noticed that our Blue State competitors say nothing about guaranteeing their frames against any tank leaks so buyers beware!   

We can take volume export orders for frames shipped direct from the China Frame factory to qualifying distributors in USA, Europe, Australia, and South America and Canada.  MOQ is 200 frames.   We inspect what you expect. 

Please know that Gru-Bee was the first to design and provide built in gas tank bicycle frames over 13 years ago.   Accept no substitute;   All others just copy.   Most copy frames have 2.4 to 2.7L capacity gas tanks but now larger tank frames are being advertised.  Remember, Paint will not permanently seal a tank leak for very long.   

Tank leak testing must be done before painting.    

This is our latest design frame with a bigger gas tank that holds approx. 3.5 to 3.7 Liters.    Seat and chain stays now are made of heavier ga. alum. than first design.   Gussets supported pedestal mount.   Disc brake caliper attach on left rear.   Can also use V caliper brakes if desired. 

    Our Frames now are made more heavy duty than early production;   Gusset reinforced pedestal mount.  No more broken or cracked pedestals front engine mounts.   

    Thicker metal now in seat and chain stays. 

    Bigger capacity gas tank.   100% Pressure tested for leaks.

    Small bottom hole frame avoids the need for using a WP-CK big hole to small hole conversion kit to accommodate a 3 pcs pedal crank.  

    Select PC paint colors or unpainted in raw aluminum finish. 

    Packed in double cardboard boxes for secure shipping.  

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