Genuine SkyHawk Alum. Frame.

Grubee Inc


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Non Stocking item in USA at this time:

Taking export orders for frames shipped direct from the China Frame factory to USA, Australia, and South America and Canada. 

Please know that GruBee was the first to design and provide built in gas tank bicycle frames over a decade ago.   

Accept no substitute;   All others just copy.     Min. order is 200 frames.

RED HOT Stocking item;    

Can also be ordered as complete bicycles to your specs. 

 4 models available in;   S curve pedestal and Straight down tubes.;   

GTZ-150DB-1 & GTZ-135DB-1 big bottom hole / V caliper or disc brake

GTZ-150DB-2 & GTZ-135DB-2 small bottom hole  / V caliper or disc brake

Made of 6061-6T Aluminum material

Choice of 150mm and 135mm drop outs.   

Genuine GruBee Skyhawk 2018 frames.  Latest and greatest design!   

Made more heavy duty than first models;   No more broken pedestal mounts.  

Thicker metal now in seat and chain stays. 

Bigger capacity gas tank.    Pressure tested for leaks.

Small bottom hole avoids using conversion kit for 3 pcs pedal crank.  

Select PC paint colors or unpainted raw aluminum finish. 

Packed in a 7 ply heavy cardboard box.  

More details Go to    Right side:   International INFO.