Give Gas Go kit, Centrifugal Clutch operation

Grubee Inc


"Give Gas Go Kit" is a conversion kit that changes a standard handlebar clutch lever friction clutch operation to a centrifugal clutch throttle controlled operation, hence the given name "give gas go"!.   


GGG changes Engine starting from pedal starting to  rope pull starting.   The original friction clutch is not used and remains entirely in the engaged position.

GGG centrifugal clutch drive bell with bevel gear replaces the standard B5 crankshaft beveled gear and allows the drive bell to spin on a lubricated steel bushing.    When the engine rpm reaches a certain point the centrifugal clutch will latch with the drive bell causing the attached bevel gear to turn the friction clutch gear which will then drive the 10T chain sprocket on the left side of the engine. 

A wide pedal kit is need to ensure people pedals don't hit the 3 inch wider engine with GGG installed. 

NOTE:  A one piece pedal crank only fits a bike frame with a big hole bottom bracket.    If you have a small hole bottom bracket frame we can substitute a 3 piece pedal crank kit for that application if you tell us to do so with a note to seller at time of check out. 

This GGG kit consist of the following components;

1 centrifugal clutch with drive bell, 1 aluminum cover plate, 1 aluminum bubble cover,  hardware,  gaskets,  rope pull start assy. and a wide pedal kit.

Chinese engine factories have now discontinued this GGG kit so when our current supply is gone there will be no more available. 

A formal instruction sheet is not available at this time so mechanical aptitude is required.