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The Gt5A-ES easy start engine can be Pedal started or handheld Electric Drill started with a OCDT! 

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We don't smuggle in.  Our Prices are higher due to paying the 25% US tariff on China made goods and much higher shipping cost from China due to being located in the middle of the USA.

  • For Cordless Electric starting use the included OCDT tool.  

  • Electric Start means an OCDT works in conjunction with a 20V handheld  cordless battery powered 1/2" drill or a modified 1/2" drive impact diver. 

  • ( If using a 1/2" drive impact wrench you must have the hammer flappers disabled by welding them shut or you will damage both the engine and OCDT bearings which is not considered warranty. 

  • Our new Gt5A-ES engines includes the new TZ Red wire Ignition system with the hot new HP Red wire CDI & Magnum high flux density rotor for super quick starts and improved rpm range.  

To know the data driven difference in ignition go to our info. side of and click SkyHawk 2 cycle then click #7.  

GT5A-ES Complete Motorized bike kit; Everything included except a bicycle. 

        A new addition this year includes a 7 pcs shim kit that allows mounting on 43mm down to 28mm dia. bicycle downtubes!  a $12.00 value

   High Rev SkyHawk Gt5A-ES ENGINE Specs:  66cc displacement  / max. power 2.2 kw  / 2.9hp. / 6000rpm   47mm x 38 mm Bore and Stroke

  • This TOTAL Kit Includes: TZ High performance CDI Red Wire Module combined with a TZ high flux density magnum rotor magnet.  

  • Throttle, Cables and Clutch Lever, 2.5L tank plated inside to prevent rusting, Tank valve, fuel line, 415 chain, chain guard,    Only Gru-Bee tanks are plated inside!

  • 44T sprocket and clamp to spokes Installation kit is included, however, a "HD Axle Wheel" is the best option.  See our HD AXLE WHEEL listing.

  • Chrome 12A muffler and a High Performance 14.95 dia. slide valve Big Bore Carburetor made exclusively for this size engine.

  • Gas tank is 2.5L capacity plated inside to prevent rusting; not the cheap 2L un-plated tanks sold by others in California. 

  • Front Mount with M8 studs and shim kit fits up to a 43mm dia. bike downtube and down to 28mm dia.

  • M8 studs front engine mount spacing is 60mm center to center. 

  • We include a 7pcs Half Moon Shim Kit in with this Kit = a $15 value.

  • Experience Smooth Electric starting by using our Over-Running Clutch Drive Tool ( OCDT) with a cordless drill or you can use a modified 1/2" drive impact wrench that has the hammer affect removed to have a smooth run engine start.   See pic here-in. 

  • YES sir; OCDT is included. 

  • Carry your OCDT cordless tool in a belt holster for instant Wing Ding Ding engine starts or stashed away in a saddle bag.    

  • This engine kit comes with standard chrome muffler and NT 14.95 dia. barrel valve carburetor with a pac-man clip adjustable needle.

  • TZ-CDI is included and is external mounted on bike downtube or seat tube.

  • This I-K ( Installation kit ) includes all the necessary parts to install on a bicycle to create a motorized bike or more commonly called a "MOPED".

  • For a pro-shop installation check out our HD AXLE WHEELS at the info. side at  

  • HD Axle Wheel sold separately and shipped separately by UPS :  

  • For night running attach a handlebar battery powered LED head light which is much more efficient than trying to use a magneto secondary coil powered 6V light.   No need to buy a Bullet Train just to get a head light!

  • Your bicycle can be people pedaled in normal mode with the engine power on or off.    

  • Great for those folks with DWI's who need a way to work and also for college students who want to motorize to campus and then people pedal on campus sidewalks with engine off.

  • How does a Suck and Blow 2 stroke engine operate.  Check out this video clip.