66cc GT5A-ES - Pedal and Electric Drill Start Engine KIT

Grubee Inc


New 2018 Gt5A-ES stock just received;   

  • For drill starting you will need to purchase an OCDT sold separately.   $39.95.    
  • Don't believe fake news about  engines with a bore and stroke of 47x40 or 47x 66 as being so called 80cc displacement.                      47 bore x 38 stroke is 66cc  / 47 bore x 40 stroke is 69cc   

Be data driven by knowing true mathematical calculations of bore and stroke80cc is proof Chinese sell 2 stroke bicycle engines by deception. 

Now our new Gt5A-ES engines includes the new TZ Ignition system with the hot new HP Red wire CDI & Magnum high flux density rotor for super quick starts.  

To know the data driven difference in ignition go to our info. side of www.grubeeinc.com and click SkyHawk 2 cycle then click #7.  

Heads up:  Next shipments will be 25% higher due to new Trump Tariff on China made goods.    Meaning: If you have a plan to buy, best buy now.

GT5A-ES Complete Motorized bike kit;    Everything included but the bicycle.

Engine & Installation Kit shipped in 2 boxes via UPS or USPS.

ES means "easy start" :     Order OCDT, ( over running clutch tool separately, not included )

Normal Pedal Starting or you can use a cordless drill for a quick start without pedaling.

  • GT5A-ES engine has capability for 20V Cordless Drill starting  and also has Normal Pedal Starting ability.   Dual Starting!!!!   Pedal & Electric!   It's like carrying a starter and battery in your belt holster. Specs:  66cc displacement  / max. power 2.2 kw  / 2.9hp. / 6000rpm
  • Kit Includes: TZ High performance CDi Module with extra TZ high flux density magnum rotor.   Throttle, Cables and Clutch Lever, 2.5L tank plated inside, Brass valve, fuel line, 415 chain, guard, 44T sprocket and clamp to spokes Installation kit, Chrome 12A muffler and a High Performance 14.95 dia. slide valve Big Bore Carburetor made exclusively for this size engine.
  • Note the gas tank is 2.5L capacity plated inside to prevent rusting; not the cheap 2L unplated tank sold by others. 
  • Front Mount with M8 studs fits up to a 53mm dia. bike downtube.  For smaller dia. downtube use have moon shims as required.
  • Experience Smooth Electric starting by using our Over-Running Clutch Drive Tool ( OCDT) with a cordless drill.   
  • OCDT is Not included; order separately at $39.85 extra cost.
  • Carry your OCDT cordless tool in a belt holster for instant starts or stashed away in a saddle bag on your bike.     
  • This engine kit comes with standard chrome muffler and standard NT carburetor.
  • CDI is included and is external mounted on bike frame downtube or seat tube.
  • This I-K ( Installation kit ) includes all the necessary parts to install on a bicycle to create a motorized bike or more commonly called a "MOPED".
  • For a pro-shop installation consider using our extra cost  #2 HD axle kit that eliminates clamping the rear wheel 44T drive sprocket to spokes.  
  • Order HD Axle #2 separately and shipped separately:  
  • For night running attach a handlebar battery powered LED head light. 
  • Bicycle can be people pedaled in normal mode with engine power on or off. 
  • Great for those folks with DWI's who need a way to work and also for college students who want to motorized to campus and then people pedal on campus sidewalks with engine off.
  • Bicycle, OCDT and cordless drill are NOT INCLUDED and are shown for illustration purpose only.