SkyHawk Cylinder Kit for 66cc

GruBee Skyhawk


Latest and Greatest SKYHAWK CYLINDER DESIGN!    

  • Fits 66cc high pin piston engines with 47x38mm bore and stroke. 

  • This Cylinder deck height is 69.5mm for 38mm stroke engines!  To use this cylinder kit on a 40mm stroke engine you must add 1mm shim on the bottom side next to the crankcase.      

  • DO NOT USE with 40mm stroke engines, Deck height for 40mm stroke engines is 70.5mm.  

  • Intake and exhaust stud center line to center line spacing is 40mm. 

  • Complete cylinder kit for SkyHawk Gt5, Gt5A and Gt5a-ES and other 66cc 47x38 hi pin piston engines; 


  • Angle Fire Head, 

  • 69.5mm deck height HP Cylinder with round hole exhaust port

  • 40mm stud spacing for both intake and exhaust.

  • High pin Piston and rings with wrist pin, needle brg. and 2 G clips,

  • 4 Gaskets,  M8 head bolts.   M8 nuts are substituted for acorn nuts.

  • Boxed;   

  • No spark plug or intake tube is included so best order those items separately if needed.   Cost to ship them can be included with this cylinder kit at no extra cost.

WARNING:   Be sure you know your engine and have determined the above specs are what you need.    This is a non-returnable item!   It will not work for engines with 70.5mm deck height and 47 x 40 bore and stroke 69cc engines. .