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New and Improved StarFire SuperRat 70cc!!!   47x40 bore and stroke

Coming soon in mid summer 2018.                                                                                          Don't compare to a cheap made DragonFart!   

Check out these 10 Hurrah's

Salient features;    Derby Herbie!!;  Lookie!  This is no cheaply made engine!    

  1.    ES  >  easy starting with 1/2" electric cordless drill.  Hurrah #1.
  2.    Yes; Can be Pedal starting as normal. 
  3.    Die cast cylinder with Steel piston sleeve.   a long life feature!   Hurrah #2
  4.    A die cast cylinder is high quality over a gravity poured cylinder. Hurrah #3
  5.    Steel sleeves eliminate the imperfections found in gravity poured chrome liner cylinders.   Hurrah #4,
  6.    Integral CDI Magneto.  No CDI box to hang on the bike frame.   Hurrah #5
  7.    No need to worry about matching SD and TZ old style CDI's to magneto.     Hurrah #6
  8.    Balanced crank;  ride without having bees in your britches..   Hurrah #7
  9.    Not EPA compliant so shipped in 3 pieces.  Cylinder, Head and Bottom 1/2   
  10.    Takes only a few minutes to assemble into a running engine. 
  11.    Expect launching of SuperRats in summer 2018.   In the making now!   Hurrah #8
  12.   Can be purchased with a tuned ArBeo HP carburetor shown in Pic..  Hurrah #9
  13.   Dealer / Builder programs available.    Hurrah #10.