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New and Improved StarFire SuperRat 70cc!!!   47x40 bore and stroke

Coming soon                                                                                                               Don't compare to a cheaply made DragonFart!   

Check out these Hurrah's

Salient features;     This is no cheaply made engine!    

  1.    ES  >  easy starting with 1/2" electric cordless drill.   .
  2.    Yes; Can be Pedal starting as normal. 
  3.    Die cast cylinder with Cast Iron piston sleeve.   a long life feature!   
  4.    A Alum. die cast cylinder is higher quality over a gravity poured old style cylinders.  
  5.    Cast Iron sleeves eliminate the imperfections found in gravity poured chrome liner cylinders.    
  6.    Integral CDI Magneto.  No CDI box to hang on the bike frame.    
  7.    No need to worry about matching SD and TZ old style external CDI's to magneto and rotors.      
  8.    Balanced crank;  ride without having bees in your britches..    
  9.    Not EPA compliant so shipped in 3 pieces.  Cylinder, Head and Bottom 1/2   
  10.    Takes only a few minutes to assemble into a running engine. 
  11.    Due to some unexpected design set backs Expect launching of GruBee SuperRats in Q1 2019.   
  12.   Can be purchased with a tuned ArBeo HP carburetor shown in Pic..   
  13.   Dealer / Builder programs available.