144FV Huasheng 49cc side tank Engine, 4G-1B Transmission and Rear Bracket kit.

This is a special 49cc engine that we have only 1 of.   Hence, This is your Lucky Day if you want a top wheel rear drive!

144FV Huasheng engine is Hard to find as most all Huasheng 49cc 142F engines sold on the internet are for top tank gravity feed mid frame bicycle applications.  

This engine was obtained for an over the rear-wheel-drive bike application requiring a side gas tank sometimes called a bottom tank.     Hence, it has a carburetor with a bottom tickle bulb primer.   

49cc displacement:   1.2KW power rated at max 6800 rpm.   Built in Centrifugal clutch.   

Works beautiful with our included 4G-1B belt drive transmission mounted at 6:00 clock down bubble for over the wheel application on an included engine bracket assembly that is fully adjustable. 

Includes the following items;

1.  144FV engine with an integral plastic side tank like shown in the picture. 

2.  4G-1B T-Belt drive Transmission  See the detailed description in the separate 4G-1B-100T add.

3.  Rear over the wheel adjustable engine bracket.  ( Might require a re-paint job as it has been used before in rear wheel drive testing.) 

4.  Throttle and 48T or 44T 9-hole sprocket kit