New combo model 4G-1AB-2 > T-Belt Drive transmission with 2 pulleys

GruBee Inc


New GruBee 4G-1AB2

2 Pulley Combo Transmission.

Peek-A-Boo belt guard!   Place Centrifugal turn on LED Lights in pulley holes for a Hee Haw experience!

Fits HuaSheng and clone 49cc & 53cc engines.   

Engine is not included, buy separately here-in.

The decision of which pulley model to purchase is over!

Now, we supply both a 100T driven pulley and in addition include an 80T pulley.    

The pulleys are interchangeable and do not require a different peek-a-boo plastic cover guard.  

Yes, 2 belts are included: one for the 80T and one for the 100T pulley. 

Both pulleys come with a Freewheel installed.  Adjustment wrench included. 

Use the 80T pulley for flat land go-fast and 100T pulley for hilly country and / or heavy-set riders.  

Slide 10T sprocket allows adjustment for chain alignment to bike wheel sprocket. 

9T drive slide sprocket option is available by separate order.