New Model Gru-Bee 4G-1B2 HuaSheng engine T-Belt drive transmission

GruBee Inc


New Model Gru-Bee 4G-1B2-Transmission 

100T driven pulley Good for Hill country. 

Peek-a-Boo belt guard.   

Place Centrifugal turn on LED Lights in pulley holes for a Hee Haw experience!

Fits only HuaSheng and clone 49cc & 53cc engines.   

HuaSheng Engine is not included, buy separately here-in.       

100T driven pulley is best for hills and heavy-set riders over 200 lbs.. 

Slide 10T sprocket allows adjustment for chain alignment to bike wheel sprocket. 

9T drive slide sprocket option is available by separate order. 

Freewheel in driven pulley allows easy bike pedaling engine off.