4G 1A Transmission only: Fits Huasheng 49 & 53cc CC engines.

4G > 1A    High Speed model recommended for flat land use and riders not over 200 lbs.  

Our most popular T Belt Drive 4 stroke HuaSheng  engine transmission for those wanting a fast motorized bike using 44T to 48T rear sprockets.      

Uses belt M5-510 or M5-505

Fits HuaSheng 49cc 142F and 53cc 144F engines with tapered shaft and built-in 3 shoe Centrifugal Clutch.  

Heads up:  4G-1A Does not fit 5/8" straight shaft engines.  

T Belts run much quieter than a chain drive. 

Latest Peak-a-Boo cover design:  See the pulley turn!  

 NOTE:  Engine and bicycle are not included:

  • Model 1A is more compact for better appearance with an improved belt cover design:  

  • Best choice for single speed applications.  

  • Transmission Pulley Ratio: 20T x 80T = 1 to 4 ratio

  • 9T and 10T slide drive sprockets are both included for customer choice. 

  • Final drive ratio depends on what drive sprocket and wheel sprocket is used.

  • Final drive ratio ie: 20/80T = 4     9T/48T = 5.3    final R = 4 x 5.3 = 21.2

  • Final drive ratio ie: 20/80T = 4   10T/48T = 4.8    final R = 4 x 4.8 = 19.2

  • Final drive ratio ie: 20/80T = 4     9T/56T = 6.2    final R = 4 x 6.2 = 24.8

  • The lower the ratio (19.2)  the faster your ass can go.

  • The higher the ratio (24.8) the more torque for heavy set riders or for steep hills.

  • Cam lock tension system for belt adjustment means > no belt idler is needed.

  • Peek-a-boo nylon/fiber glass belt cover guard.  

  • CC latch bell is supported on 2 sealed ball bearings, ( No bronze bushings:) 

  • 80T Driven pulley also has 2 sealed ball bearings and a freewheel for easy pedaling engine off.. 

  • Built to last by Zee Gru-Bee!