5G- 8M Belt Drive Centrifugal Clutch for 5/8" shaft.

5G Transmission Service replacement 18T 8M Belt Drive Centrifugal Clutch.     

17mm wide drive belt sheeve accepts a 15mm wide 8M belt. 

This clutch is for our 5G Belt Drive transmission made exclusively for Harbor Freight 79cc Predator engines.  

Our 4G transmissions use a smaller tooth 5M belt so this clutch cannot be used on any 4G Transmssion.   

8M belt cannot fit a 5M pulley.    

Pulley rides on a Needle Bearing.  No Bushing.

Fits 5/8" diameter PTO shaft with keyway.    

Clutch has internal key that fits into the keyway of a 79cc Predator engine.   If you don't have this engine, then you don't need this clutch.