4X-20 scope and mount for SKS semi auto rifle

High quality complete drop in scope package for your SKS 7.62x39 Russian semi-auto rifle.   

FREE SHIPPING in USA Only:   Cannot ship scopes to Canada.  Do not order if you have a Canadian address.

List of Bill Of Materials:

  •  1" tube fast focus scope Manufacture by Gru-Bee contract factory in China. Duplex reticle & Flip up Lens covers.   Gas filled and fully coated lens with the more desirable green coating versus the cheaper cost blue coating.  Excellent quality. 

  •  Set of 1" Ring mounts is included.

  • Chrome molly steel machined receiver mount with integral machined scope mount Picatinny bases.  

INFO>Proven application:                       A short 4X-20 straight tube scope is necessary for correct fit to an SKS 7.62x39 semi auto rifle.  It allows for stripper clip ammo loading and clearance for fired casing's ejection. 

Scope has a "FAST FOCUS Eye Piece for crystal clear image control.   

Lens coating is fully multi coated with the green high-quality coating found in expensive name brand scopes.   

Gas filled for fog proofing and 4X fixed power means sturdy construction without the numerous pieces need for variable power that quickly fail and come loose under repeated shock load firing and time. 

NOTE:  Due to China and Russian different manufacturing tolerances there may be a need for filing on the SKS receiver mount to ensure a tight and correct fit.