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1 " tube 10" long AO Compact 6X fixed power.  LIMMITED SUPPLY

If you want an inexpensive scope and bullet placement conformity for your 22 rifle > Go Fixed Power!

Here's a rugged little fast focus 22 scope to earn the name Bunny Buster. 

See up close or way out yonder with AO.   AO = Adjustable Objective 

  • 1" Tube  /  Fixed 6X power with Mill dot reticle.  

  • Battery powered Red / Green luminated reticle. 

  • AO = Adjustable Objective allows Scope Focus adjustable from 200 yards down to 5 yards.  

  • Adjust focus to see a squirrel's eye ball at 35 yds. or down to 5 yds. to see a setting bunny rabbit.

  • Fixed power doesn't have the problem found in cheaply made variable power scopes that have bullet impact move all over the target when power settings are changed up or down.   

  • The 6X Bunny Buster is ideal for 22 rimfire and air guns where 2.5" eye relief is ideal.   Not recommended for use on center fire rifles due to short eye relief made for rimfire..

  • State of the art Push Pull turrets with 1/4" moa clicks.

  • Bunny Buster is Bigger, 10" long / Fatter, 1" tube and Heavier, 18oz., than our classic 3/4" tube 6oz. WolfPup however, Bunny Busters has all the state of the art modern features demanded by Millenniums who don't seem to mind a big scope setting on a small frame 22..  

  • NOTE: our 3/4" dia. split rings do not fit this scope.    

  • Free shipping lower 48 States.