11mm dovetail 3/4" rings for a CZ455 22 rifle.



3/4" dia. Split rings for 11mm European grooved receivers

European 11mm dovetail grooves do not have the same dimensions as the American 3/8" dovetail. 

( 3/8" has a 45 degree mill cut versus the 11mm with a smaller top and 60 degree angle mill cut.)   Some are flat top, some are dome top and some are high dome top. 

Our WP-CZ rings were especially designed to fit a CZ 455 .22 cal rifle with flat top 11mm dovetail groove. They also have 1/8" higher saddle to accommodate sliding bolt lever to scope clearance. 

Our CZ rings may also fit other flat top 11mm grooved rifles as well but please understand there are a lot of grooved receives out there in the marketplace that look alike but do not all measure the same.  

Dovetail Grooves worldwide can be considered a mixture of many different dimensions and designer's ideas.   

Even some aftermarket steel bases we've encountered for 10-22's claiming to be 3/8" groove are actually 11mm therefore lack of conformity.  

Hence; the only 11mm application we can guarantee our WP-CZ rings will fit is on the CZ 455 made with a 11mm flat top dovetail groove, however, may fit other 11mm flat tops.