StarFire SuperRat 70cc ES Pedal and Electric Start Engine. FREE SHIPPING

New and Improved Dual starting StarFire SuperRat 70cc!!!   Electric and Pedal start.

47x40 bore and stroke = 69cc!

M8 front mount studs allow mounting on 28 to 32mm steel frame down tubes.    If you require mounting on a large dia. aluminum downtube the Gt5A-ES Skyhawk engine will mount on up to 45mm dia. frames. 

FREE SHIPPING.... sent by USPS Priority mail to lower 48 states and AL.  

Check out these Hurrah's  The SuperRat is totally different!

  1.    ES  >  easy starting with a 1/2" electric cordless drill and OCDT.    OCDT not included. 
  2.    PEDAL START:  Oh Yes; you can still Pedal start as always.  That part has not changed!
  3.    Die cast cylinder with Cast Iron sleeve.  > a long life feature!   
  4.    Die cast gives higher quality over the old gravity pour cylinders.    
  5.    Cast Iron sleeves eliminate imperfections found in chrome plated cylinders.  
  6.   With Iron sleeves No more cylinder chrome flaking off and locking up your engine! 
  7.    Integral CDI Magneto means no CDI box to hang on your bike frame. 
  8.    No need to worry about matching SD and TZ ignition components.
  9.    Balanced Crank;  Means riding without bees in your britches!
  10.  Can be purchased with a tuned ArBeo HP carburetor shown in Pic..   
  11.    Generous Dealer / Builder programs available.  
  12.    "Note"  This engine will be our flagship model in the future.    

If you are building a fresh motorbike you may want to order an Installation Kit shown in another add herein.   I-Kit is not included with this engine .