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10G Multi Speed shift kit only          

Dose not include the Huasheng 4-stroke Hi Rev 53cc engine nor does it include the 4G-1B Transmission.   Order those items separately if needed.  

  • This add is for a 10G-Multi-Speed shift kit and includes the following items:    Reference pictures.           

  • 1BMS-2 > Slide adjust engine mounting bracket

  • 1BMS-3 > Chain Idler assembly 

  • 1BMS-4 > 9T & 10 T drive sprockets 

  • 1BMS-5 > Jackshaft pillar block   

  • 1BMS-6 > Double U joint jack shaft

  • 1BMS-7 > Bottom end sprocket kit

Provided you already have one or have one on order do you want to see how fast a little 53cc HuaSheng non-governed engine can take you on flat land?    If so, our 10G multi- speed kit is a way to do it.  Just don't take the engine past 6800 rpm. 

10G allows normal bicycle pedaling and also has the benefit of being able to shift bicycle gears using engine power like a motorcycle.   

Some experimentation with sprocket ratios may be needed to find the sweet pot for your specific riding needs and wants.   Sick Bike Parts Co. offers some different sprockets sizes you may want to try.

Note:  Bike frame is not included: 

  • A 5 or 6 speed Multi-Speed Hub Axle works great.   ie:  Nexus, Strumey Archer, Shimano, etc.   Allows shifting gears at a stop light or on the run.   A derailer system does not allow shifting when bike is stationary. 

10G was designed for a built-in tank S curve frame pedestal mount to enable having a 3-point lock securement.  However, a standard cruiser S frame will work if modified for 3-point attach.

10G cannot be used on a Straight Downtube Frame Bike due to inadequate clearance for the jackshaft at the backside of the engine: 

10G Kit INCLUDES:    

  • 10G Jackshaft Kit with Double Universal Joint 9T drive.   Includes our new upgraded heavy duty double U joint and a spare 10T scrocket.  

  • 10G 3 Pt. attach Engine Bracket is made to fit a built-in tank S curved pedestal mount downtube frame.    Available from California sellers.   However, suggest you buy one with reinforced pedestal mount or field modify to make stronger. 

  • All Bottom end right side parts are included except for chain and pedals. 


  • 10G Multi Speed allows you to use a bicycle's rear wheel gears either with a common Shimano detailer multi sprocket cassette or with a Strumey Archer, Shimano or Nexus 3 or 5 speed Multi Speed Hub Axle.   

  • BEST:  Use a Multi Speed Sturmey Archer or Shimano Multi Speed Hub axle and shift gears like a motorcycle even while setting at a stop light.    

  • So-So-GOOD:  Use a 6 or 7 speed Shimano derailer system and get the cheapest set up but can only shift gears when bike is rolling or when holding rear wheel off the ground while shifting.  

  • Installation does require basic mechanical aptitude and basic shop tools along with possible field modifications and misc. small parts obtained locally.  ie; Chain and or pedals.

 Most everything special you need is included except for a SkyHawk Gt2A or GT2B bike frame with built in gas tank, HuaSheng engine and 4G-1B transmission. 

  • Our late model 4G 1B Transmissions now have 8 holes for a 10-degree tilt which is necessary to use a jackshaft drive. 

  • A new and improved Needle Bearing Double U Joint Jackshaft drive with needle bearings is now included. 

  • 10G Multi Speed kit is Custom Designed to fit built in gas tank S curve frames with mounting pedestal on the downtube, advantage = 3 pt. lock.

  • By using a Pedestal Mount frame, you get a 3-pt. lock attachment which better controls engine torque and vibration which is a Long-Life enhancement.

  • If you have an early Gt2A frame with a big bottom hole, then you will need to use the included WP-CK conversion kit.   GT2B frames have a small bottom hole for a 3-piece pedal crank system. 

  • 10G works well with either a 3 or 5 speed Nexus or Shimano rear wheel hub transmission or can also use a 6 speed Shimano Derailer system.  A heavy-duty e-Bike 5 speed hub axle which works OK but it's best to use a 22T or bigger Freewheel sprocket on the rear axle hub.   

  • The builder or end user must accept all product liability as you are the prime contractor and vehicle manufacture even if done in your own back yard.   

  • Inspiration and imagination combined with fortitude and ambition must come from you. 

  • Look carefully to know what NOT is included: 

  • NOT INCLUDED;   Gt2A / Gt2B Frame or Bicycle:  

  • NOT INCLUDED:   Bicycle chain and left and right pedals.  

  • NOT INCLUDED:   53cc HuaSheng Hi rev 4 stroke engine. 

  • NOT INCLUDED:   4G-1B Belt Drive transmission with 8 hole mounting plate to allow 10-degree tilt. 

  • The beautiful Blue bike with the long poo poo pipe shown in attached pics was built by our good friend Mr. Dave Harber in TN..    Shown for illustration only.   

  • If you have any questions, please ask before ordering. 

  • Enjoy a 10G build and ride with the wind using your selective speeds!  

    Shipped to USA lower 48 States and Alaska via UPS 

    1. If Shipping to Hawaii, Canada and Alaska it will cost more.  Contact us before you buy. 

  • Happy Trails