#1 HD Axle 26" wheel with Freewheel sprocket hub

Grubee Inc


1 HD AXLE 26" WHEEL with FREEWHEEL Sprocket HUB made for rope pull start 4 stroke engine applications.   

Works with both Disc Brake and or a Caliper Vee-Brake.   2 ways!     Yes, with correct knowhow you can even install both brakes for super stopping power if desired.

DO NOT use this wheel for pedal start 2 stroke engines. 

In note to seller at checkout tell us the drop out spacing wanted for your wheel fit.   Same HD Axle but spokes are laced for wheel center alignment for the 2 different frame dropouts. 

We have 2 versions select only one. 

       110 to 135mm Dropout 

       150 to 155mm Dropout

 Must use 5-hole wheel sprockets only when using a freewheel sprocket hub:   

However, if you have our Gru-Bee 4G or 5G Belt Transmission that has a driven belt pulley with a Freewheel then yes you can use our 2 stroke HD axle wheel with solid 6-hole hub.   

However, if you have no freewheel in your 4-stroke engine transmission, then this #1. Freewheel Hub HD AXLE wheel is for you!    

 NOTE:  A Freewheel Hub will not work with pedal start 2 stroke engines.   For 2 stroke engines you must use solid 6-hole solid hub #2 HD Axle wheel.  See the solid hub #2 HD Axle wheel in our SkyHawk 2 cycle section. 

Builder Note:  This hub Freewheel is designed to be used with 49cc to 53cc 4 stroke HuaSheng engine torques and 48 to 56T rear wheel sprockets.   Do not use with bigger engines like the 212cc Predator.

QUESTION:  Why buy 2 cast aluminum wheels with cheap axle bearings when our HD Axle wheel matches most Vee Frame bike's existing front spoked wheels and can do so much more 

Keeps the original look of vintage bikes. 

HD Axle Wheels avoid the troublesome and undesirable method of clamping a 9-hole chain sprocket to wheel spokes.  Clamping to spokes was never a good idea!   It's a poor man's substitute.

Here's what you get!

  • #1. HD Axle Hub with a 220mm long axle shaft and (2) double row sealed #5200 ball bearings, and that means you are setting on a total of 4 rows of ball bearings for long life and safety enhancement. 

  • #2. 26" double wall Wheel Rim outer wall is machined for Vee Caliper Brakes. 

  • #3.  (36) 12 ga. spokes. 

  • #4.  26" double wall Rim is suitable for 1.95 to 2.25 tires.

  • #5.  26" double wall Wheel Rim has spoke eyelets found only in expensive high-quality rims. 

  • #6. Includes a 5 Hole Freewheel 36-1 Left hand thread sprocket hub and 3mm tk. spacer lock ring.    

  • #7. Includes rubber wheel rim band. 

  • #8. Includes a steel 6-hole M5 threaded hub for disc brake rotor attach.   

  • #9.  Includes a 7-ply heavy duty box with Styrofoam supports for safe UPS shipping. 

  • #10.  Right side of the HD axle has 1.375-24 English threads for screw on 14T to 20T single speed or multi-speed cluster sprockets. 

  • Review the pictures here-in for installation ideas. 

  • NOTE:  Freewheel requires weekly lubrication with light weight oil.    Apply oil around circle crack with wheel lying flat.

  •  Left side Chain Sprocket is not included due to so many different diameters.  Order your engine drive wheel sprocket on same order with your wheel so as to be include in same shipment. 

  • We will mount the sprocket you buy on the Freewheel hub with Grade 10.9 M6 bolts and flanged nuts. 

  • Sprocket attach Hardware is not included without a sprocket purchase. 

  •  HEADS UP Guidance: The motorized bike builder is the prime contractor and accepts all liability.  


    • For pedal starting 2-stroke engines require a permanent affixed Solid Sprocket Flanged Hub but 4-stroke rope pull start engines can use a Freewheel Sprocket Hub. 

    • The disc brake steel hub must be used in all cases as it serves as a jam nut for the Sprocket Hub.

    • Normally, install the drive sprocket on the outboard side of the Freewheel Sprocket Hub.  However, if using disc brakes, you may have to use the back side to enable proper rotor fit.  TBD.  Failure to be able to install Disc Brakes is not a warrantable situation.

    • The ¼” wide spacer ring can be located on the inboard or outboard side of the hub depending on the required application. Tighten lock rings by tapping in notches with hammer & punch.

    • Decide if you want the sprocket teeth inboard convex or outboard concave. The wheel is shipped with M6 bolts loose and the sprocket teeth outward for the most chain / tire clearance.  Use 242 Blue Loctite.   

    • NOTE: Failure to install the Freewheel Sprocket hub correctly can damage your axle.   

    • A spanner wrench is needed to remove the freewheel sprocket once installed in the CW Left Hand direction.

    • Do not install the Freewheel Sprocket Hub loosely, it must be jammed tight against either the spacer ring or the HD Axle hub shoulder and the disc brake hub serving as a final jam nut.

    • Good luck in your build and may God speed you safely.