26" HD axle wheel for 4 stroke engines.

Grubee Inc



Made for 110 to 135mm Dropout Single Speed frames with a 4 cycle engine. 

NOTE:  Use HD Axle Freewheel Hub is for rope pull start 4 stroke engines only:   

However, if you have our 4G or 5G Belt Transmission that has a driven belt pulley with Freewheel then you can use our 2 stroke HD axle wheel with solid hub.   If you have no freewheel in your 4 stroke engine transmission then this wheel is for you!

 NOTE:  A Freewheel Axle Hub will not work with pedal start 2 stroke engines.   It is designed to be used with 49 to 53cc 4 stroke HuaSheng and 79cc Predator engines.

For 2 stroke engines you must use solid hub HD axle wheel.   See at SkyHawk 2 cycle section. 

Why buy 2 cast aluminum wheels with cheap bearings when one HD Axle wheel matches most Vee Frame bike's existing front spoked wheel and can do so much more 

Keeps the original look of vintage bikes.   

HD Axle Wheels avoid the troublesome and undesirable method of clamping a 9 hole chain sprocket to wheel spokes.  Clamping to spokes was never a good idea!   It's a poor man's substitute. 

  • HD Axle 26" wheel with 12 ga. spokes. 

  • Suitable for 1.95 to 2.25 tires.

  • Wheel Rim has spoke eyelets found only in expensive rims. 

  • For Safety and Longevity HD Axles have (2) double row sealed #5200 ball bearings, and that means you are setting on a total of 4 rows of ball bearings for long life enhancement.

  • Wheel rim is centered for a 135mm wide single speed frame drop out but can be adjusted for different widths on down to 110mm with proper technique.   

  • Works with both Disc Brake and or a Caliper Vee-Brake.   2 ways!     Yes, can even install both brakes for super stopping power back up.

  • Includes a 5 Hole Freewheel 36-1 Left hand thread sprocket hub and 3mm tk spacer lock ring.    

  • Includes a 6 hole disc brake right hand 35-1 threaded steel hub. 

  • Includes rubber wheel rim band.

  • Right side of the HD axle has 1.375-24 English threads for screw on 14T to 20T pedal sprockets. 

  • Right side Pedal sprocket is not included.

  • Includes a 7 ply heavy duty box with Styrofoam supports. 

  • Review the pictures here in for installation ideas. 

  •  Left side Chain Sprocket is not included due to so many different diameters.  Order your engine drive sprocket on same order with wheel to be include in same shipment to avoid additional shipping cost.