Huasheng 49/53cc 4 stroke engine Installation Kit.

Grubee Inc


4 stroke engine Installation Kit.   Made only for HuaSheng 49cc or 53cc engines. 

item #1.  Engine mounting bracket.  Cast Iron sliding end pieces adjust length. 

item #2.  48T 9hole clamp to spokes sprocket.  

item #3.  Installation kit for 48T sprocket

item #4.  415 chain 

item #5.   Ball bearing Chain idler  

item #6.   Fuel line. 

item #7.   Gas tank shut off valve

item #8.   Wide pedal kit  > fits big or small bike frame bottom hole

item #9.   2.5 liter gas tank plated inside to prevent rusting. 

item #10.  Throttle and cable.