4G - 1C Transmission and INSTALLATION KIT for Huasheng 49 & 53cc engine

GruBee Inc


G-1C is our early Premium model T-Belt transmission that we had back in 2012 to 2015 sold primarily by Phantom Bike in San Diego CA.   We have about 8 to10 of these kits left over at close out.    Yes, 12T Freewheel drive sprockets and M5-505 and M5-510 belts are available for service replacement.   

Question:  So what's the difference between Transmissions 1B and 1C?   Answer:  1B has a freewheel in the 100T driven pulley and 1C has the freewheel in the 12T drive sprocket.   All else is same. 

 Complete 1C Kit Includes the following items.

1.  4G T-Belt transmission with 20T drive pulley and 100T driven solid pulley with jackshaft to a 12T FREEWHEEL sprocket drive.    4G Transmissions have Cam Lock chain tightening feature and includes spanner wrench.    

Fits Huasheng 4 stroke 49cc/53cc engines with built in centrifugal clutch.

2.  2.5L Gas tank plated inside.  >recommend tank sealer for all gas tanks before installing.

3.  48T sprocket for rear bike wheel.   Includes clamp to spokes installation kit. 

4.  3 piece wide pedal kit and pedal sprocket. 

5.  Slide adjust Engine mounting bracket

6.  415 126 link chain.  Chain idler, 

7.  Twist Throttle handlebar control and cable with kill switch

8.  Installation manual