Centrifugal Clutch assembly for old GruBee 4G-D & #2 Transmissions

Grubee Inc


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Centrifugal clutch assembly for 4G-2D and #2 T-Belt transmissions made 12 years ago.     Now obsolete.   

This clutch was used in our first model T belt drive transmissions for a 5/8" straight shaft Honda GXH50 or HuaSheng 49cc straight 5/8" / 15.9mm shaft engine. 

Uses special 1/2 moon key and oil lite bushing.  Must soak bushing in 10WT oil overnight before installing to soak up oil in porous oil-lite material.  Continuous lubrication require thereafter. 

If you do not have a Model 2 or Model D GruBee 4G Transmisson please do not order.   We just recently found 2 of these CC's in old stock.  To be Sold 1 per old customer..