Centrifugal Clutch for Huasheng 49cc / 53cc 142F-1 and 144F-1 engines

Grubee Inc


3 shoe HuaSheng 49/53cc Engine Centrifugal Clutch.   

This HuaSheng universal type CC fits on a tapered shaft with or without a keyway as found on HuaSheng 49cc and 53cc engines models 142F-1G and 144F-1G.   Note: 3mm longer  grade 8.8 M6 attach bolt may be required on some model engines. 

This clutch works fine with our 4G-1A, 4G-1B and 4G-1C T-belt drive transmissions.   

Due to our short Huasheng engine CC supply we must allocate the remaining CC stock to registered owners of 4G transmissions only.  All other orders will be refunded.