Centrifugal Clutch for Huasheng 49cc / 53cc 142F-1 and 144F-1 engines

Grubee Inc


Sorry, this item is out of stock

3 shoe HuaSheng 49/53cc Engine Centrifugal Clutch.   

Due to our short CC inventory, we can only allocate one CC per customer to those who have purchased a 53cc Huasheng engine or a 4G Transmission from us. 

This HuaSheng universal type CC fits on a tapered shaft with or without a keyway as found on HuaSheng 49cc and 53cc engines models 142F-1G and 144F-1G.   

This clutch works fine with our 4G-1A, 4G-1B and 4G-1C T-belt drive transmissions.