Huasheng 144F-1G 53cc 4 stroke engine with integral CC

Grubee Inc


Motorized bikers;  This is the one you've been waiting for! 

Genuine 53cc HuaSheng engine, Not a fake copy!   2019 production:

Model 144F-1G 4 cycle OHV 53cc  High rpm engine  / 1.5Kw  /  4 stroke. with built-in integral Centrifugal Clutch, ( CC )

Use with these 3 T-Belt transmissions:  GruBee 4G 1A, / 4G 1B / 4G-1C  

  • 53cc displacement gives slightly more torque and rpm than a 49cc. 
  • These 53cc HS engines have No RPM limitation ignition system.
  •  Engine comes alive when you twist the throttle!  Like goosing a Lamborghini.
  • Has a TCI round barrel ignition coil. 
  • Muffler with right side exhaust elbow.
  • No plastic top mounted gas tank like on 49cc HuaSheng engines. 
  • Same Mounting pattern as the 49cc HuaSheng F142-1G CC engine.
  • Base mounting hole pattern is for M6 bolts and is 54mm x 112mm
  • PTO M6 bolt mounting is 100mm dia. about shaft centerline 
  • 144F-1G 53cc leaves Governed 49cc engines in the dust!
  • Kill switch wires have male / female plugs with pig tail wires for easy hook up to your throttle kill switch wires.  
  • EPA certified 40CFR1054
  • Has built-in centrifugal clutch with 2900 to 3000 rpm CC latch speed.
  • NOTE:  Will not fit Gas Bike's Ghost 7G and EZM V belt dive transmissions that go on a straight shaft engine.  
  • Fell free to ask questions before buying.  
  • Not returnable once installed.  These engines have a HuaSheng factory warranty of 90 days but must be sent to an HS authorized warranty station for any warranty repair.