4th Generation High Performance Ignition upgrade.

Grubee Inc


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3-piece High Performance ignition kit upgrade for a power balanced system.   

1.  Big 400V Microfarad capacitor CDI 

2.  Double flux density Rotor magnet 

3.  Special High KV MAGNETO coil.

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HISTORY: In proven lab test the new "Gen 4" HP CDI & Magnum Magneto Coil produces a whopping 5KV more available voltage than the stock "Gen 1", Gen 2 and the Gen 3 magneto field coils.   See pictures: 

The HP CDI and the Magnum Fat Coil works best with the special Magnum Rotor magnet.  Read on: 

More power in = more power out:  The Monster Rotor magnet has nearly twice as much flux density lines of force as compared to a standard China doll rotor magnet.    We mark the magnum rotor magnet with a Checkerboard Plaid pattern on the outboard side for quick ID.    

Check out the attached magneto coil history picture from 2000 to 2021

The "Mag Coil , Monster Rotor and HP CDI can jump a 3/4" air gap as compared to a 3/8" to 1/2" gap for the stock standard engine versions.  OK! How so?

  • The "Gen 4 Magnum magneto" has a coil with more turns of fine wire as compared to the so called "Gen 3 Fat Boy" 357-ohm coil that has larger dia. wire but with the same number of turns as a stock Gen 2, ( Output = amps turn ratio.)  

  • Gen 4 Magnum fine wire coil ohm has resistance of 465 to 492 OHMs @ 80 degrees F measured with a quality made digital ohm meter. 

  • The CDI with the Red spark plug wire has a larger Micro Farad Capacitor to take advantage of the increased voltage (400 V ) sent out by the "Gen 4 Magnum" coil.    

  • This "Good Boy" magneto coil is identified by the red spool and has a date of manufacture sticker.  Recently we have seen red spools on other coils that are not the same specs as ours. 

  • The MAX CDI is identified by the red terminal wire and a Red boot.    Yes, it looks the same as competitor's CDI but maybe it's not the same inside.

  • NOTE:   The CDI terminal fits the spark plug with   screw cap in place.    No Need to remove plug cap.  See picture.

  • REFERENCE:  KV = Kilo Volts.   1KV = 1000 Volts.