4th Generation High Performance Ignition upgrade.

Grubee Inc


3-piece High Performance ignition kit upgrade for a power balanced Ignition system.   

1.  Big 400V Microfarad capacitor CDI 

2.  Double flux density Neodymium Rotor magnet. 

3.  Special High KV MAGNETO field coil.

HISTORY: In proven lab test the new "Gen 4" HP CDI & Magnum Magneto Coil produces a whopping 5KV more available voltage than the stock "Gen 1", Gen 2 and the Gen 3 magneto field coils.   See pictures: 

The HP CDI and the Magnum Fat Coil works best with the special Neodymium Magnum Rotor magnet.  Read on: 

More power in = more power out:  The Monster Neodymium Rotor magnet has nearly twice as much flux density lines of force as compared to a standard China doll rotor magnet.    We mark the magnum rotor magnet with a Checkerboard Plaid pattern on the outboard side for quick ID.    

Check out the attached magneto coil history picture from 2000 to 2021

The "Mag Coil, Monster Rotor and HP CDI can jump a 3/4" air gap as compared to a 3/8" to 1/2" gap for the stock standard engine versions.  OK! How so?

  • The "Gen 4 Magnum magneto" has a coil with more turns of fine wire as compared to the so called "Gen 3 Fat Boy" 357-ohm coil that has larger dia. wire but with the same number of turns as a stock Gen 2, ( Output = amps turn ratio.)  

  • Gen 4 Magnum fine wire coil ohm has resistance of 450 OHMs @ 80 degrees F measured with a quality made digital ohm meter. 

  • The CDI with the Red spark plug wire has a larger Micro Farad Capacitor to take advantage of the increased voltage (400 V ) sent out by the "Gen 4 Magnum" field coil.    

  • This "Good Boy" magneto coil is identified by the red spool and has a date of manufacture sticker.  Recently we have seen red spools on other coils that are not the same specs as ours. 

  • The MAX RED DEVIL CDI is identified by the Red terminal wire, Red Box and a Red boot.    Yes, it looks the same as competitor's CDI not the same inside.

  • NOTE:   The CDI terminal fits the spark plug with   screw cap removed.    

  • REFERENCE:  KV = Kilo Volts.   1KV = 1000 Volts.