Ignition module for HS 53cc 144F-1G no governor engine.

Grubee Inc


We stock only the Ignition modules for NON-RPM-GOVERNED 53cc Huasheng engines.   

Our OEM Aoxin ignition modules are the barrel body type and are not interchangeable with the rectangular versions found on Governed 49cc engines.   

DO NOT ORDER THIS MODUEL if you have a 49cc or 53cc governed engine.  Timing is different due to a different position of the keyway slot in the crankshaft.   

Ignition modules are not returnable. 

We have limited stock so we will be selling only to those who have bought our Huasheng 53cc engines so documented in our sales journal.   If you bought a 4 stroke 53cc engine from WAYFAIR, AMAZON or eBay please do not order your service parts here.