NT style carburetor with Rectangular Air Cleaner

Grubee Inc


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  • Same as the old "Speed Carb" except does not have a shut off valve and is not marked Speed.

  • Low profile rectangular flat Air cleaner gives more seat post clearance.   

  • 14.95mm dia. slide valve barrel calibrated for 66cc to 69cc 2 stroke engines. 

  • Fuel Tickle button and Idle adjustment screw.  

  • Side choke lever. 

  • Slide Valve Barrel is made of precision plastic to avoid corrosive sticking as can happen with the old brass design proving old is not necessarily better.      

  • Our NT carbs are specified with an O ring seal in the 19mm dia. neck to better seal off the engine's intake tube.     No one else does this.    Doing simple things can make a difference. 

  • Pac Man clip is on second down position but can be easily moved to a higher up richer notch if required.