85 Avenger Engine by YuanDong with OCDT ------FREE SHIPPING

GruBee Inc


Avenger 85 engine with OCDT included. 



Engine @ $160.00 + OCDT $39.95 + RED DEVIL CDI $19.95 = $219.90  > OOHRAH   You Save almost 30 bucks!

Avenger 85 Plus OCDT special Introductory Price is $189.95 with FREE SHIPPING!

Our objective is to offer an engine that is durable as well as high performance.  

Our Avengers will have our exclusive cranking option that enables operating our OCDT tool for handheld cordless 1/2" drill engine cranking.    Thus, having normal Pedal Starting and in addition having handheld Electric Starting

OCDT is included. a $39.95 value. 

A Jake Head design CNC head for the 85 Avenger is available soon for separate purchase. 

Included is GruBee high performance RED DEVIL CDI Module / HP Rotor and Magneto Coil that produces a compatible (HP) High Performance Ignition.  

No, We don't include the heavy 2 lb. 2-piece standard YD Avenger 85 muffler held together with pop rivets that soon fails and falls off the engine.  Instead for the Avenger 85 we recommend a plenum expansion chamber exhaust like sold by Wali at RMH, unfortunately he is currently sold out.  

No Carburetor is included. This allows you to choose the carb you want without paying for one you don't want. 

We inspect at the factory what you expect and yes that's not 100% perfect but it's a lot better than nothing when you consider factory piece work pays the same money for making defects as it does for making zero defects.   

NOTE:  If any USA DEALERS with Import and Sales tax credentials wish to place an order for 100 or more 85 AVENGERS with or without OCDT we can quote factory direct wholesale prices via our Gru-Bee inc. owned Chinese trading company Changzhou China GAS.