COMMING SOON! 85 Avenger 52x40 with OCDT

GruBee Inc


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  Our 85 AVENGER engine order will ship after the first of the year, Q1 2024,  so as to avoid the extra cost Nov/Dec Christmas Rush shipping surcharge, maybe we can have a 10% savings. TBD.   

Our objective is to offer an engine that is durable as well as high performance.  

Our SkyHawk brand Avengers will have our exclusive cranking option that enables operating our OCDT tool for handheld cordless 1/2" drill engine cranking.    Thus, having normal Pedal Starting and in addition having safe Electric Starting.

We will offer a Jake Head design CNC head for the 85 Avenger as well as one for the 50 x 40 LD100.   It will have 17 fins versus the Olin 13 fin head and cannot be put on backyards causing air flow blockage.

Our YZ high performants CDI Module / HP Rotor and Magneto Coil will be standard as was copied by others.   

It is hoped we can use a Japanese Namura 12-roller premium quality wrist pin needle bearing instead of the standard 10 roller currently being used.  TBD.   

The heavy 2 lb. 2-piece muffler held together with pop rivets having only a 2-bolt mounting on the cylinder studs hopefully can be replaced with a quality plenum chamber expansion muffler that can have a 3-point mounting system so that cantilevering resonance vibration damage doesn't occur. 

 Announcement of new details when available. 

This is a brand-new YD engine, so we welcome any criticism of the current 85 Avengers on the market that engine builders think needs any product improvements.   

With piece part labor rate at YD instead of hourly or salary, it hard to rely on factory people to do lean management QC inspection, so we must do it ourselves with boots on the ground. 

Therefore, we must inspect what you expect and yes that's not 100% perfect but it's a lot better than nothing when you consider piece work pays the same money for making multiple defects as it does for making zero defects.