4G-5M-575 T belt for 100T pulley

Grubee Inc


This T belt fits our 4G Model 1B and 1C transmissions with 100T driven pulleys.   P/N: M5-575

Will not fit our 4G model1A and 5G transmissions.   

PLEASE: Do not order if you have a Woodpecker belt drive transmission,

If you are not a registered owner of a GruBee 4G-1B transmission, we will cancel your order. 

To support our 4G customer base, we reserve the right to sell replacement belts only to registered owners of our Gru-Bee 4G transmissions.      If you did not order a 4G 100T transmission from us, please do not order this belt. 

The problem we're having is that a copy of our transmission is being made by Woodpecker in China and uses the same belt as on a 4G 100T.    When belts break on these copy units' folks began depleting our belt inventory.   Therefore, we must protect those who buy our 4G products and stop servicing counterfeit transmissions.    Right now, it is impossible to get a new belt shipment out of China until early fall and maybe not even then if the world situation gets worst.