Z Combo 4G Transmission with 80T & 100T

Grubee Inc


With a 4G Tranny Combo you get the best of both worlds when using a 49cc or 53cc Huasheng engine.  

1A for SPEED and 1B for HILL CLIMBING.

(1) T-Belt 4G transmission and spanner wrench plus > 2 driven pulleys, (2) T-belts and one each of 9T & 10T chain sprockets.

  • For Flat land speed use the 80T pulley with included belt and a 10T chain sprocket   

  • For Hills country use the 100T pulley with included belt and a 9T chain sprocket.

Depending on what type of rear sprocket you intend to use either, disc brake attach, 9-hole clamp to spokes or the HD axle wheel sprocket, use the following guideline.   

#1.  For flat land Speed use a 44T, 46T or 48T rear wheel sprocket.

#2.  For Hill country or a 200lbs plus man use a 56T rear wheel sprocket.